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Scholarships Grants and Recognitions
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Mentors Needed
Iowa Music Educators Conference
Iowa Music Educators Conference
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IMEA Magazine
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President's Report

I want to compliment Past President John Aboud and all the officers of the Iowa Music Educators Association for their outstanding work over the past years.  Those combined efforts have helped our organization to become a viable group with a solid financial footing.  I also want to express my appreciation to all those hard working members who did so much behind the scenes at the conference last fall.  Without all the time, energy and efforts of those people the conference would not have been the excellent experience that it was.

Advocacy: This will be a primary focus for IMEA and all the other professional organizations throughout the state.  I am asking all of our membership to let me know of any programs that are facing cuts in staffing or contact time in art or music.  We have a large list of resources available (most of which are on the web site) that have been used successfully this year.  Either you or someone from that district may contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will respond to the request.   All information will remain confidential.

Dues: Further in the magazine you will see a comparison of the dues structure between MENC and IMEA.  We are a "rare bird" as state associations go.  Most states use their MEA as a total music organization in which that group provides all the contest management, judges, etc., for the entire state.  As such, the music educators are required to join the MEA in order to participate and usually the school district funds their dues expenditure.  Here in Iowa we have the Iowa High School Music Association, which oversees our music events including much of the All-State Music Festival. Our main source of income is derived from membership dues and the best way for us to remain a viable Association is through membership.

One Plus One:  This year when your renewal card comes in the mail, talk about the benefits (listed later on) of membership to your colleagues.  Let's all try to bring an additional member on board and strengthen the organization, not only through dues but also through mentorship, workshops, the conference and the wealth of resources available.

As we begin to wind down the year (and for some, begin planning ahead for next year) please take time for yourself and your family.  We are all doing more with less and have done it for so long that it seems natural.  Your personal health, both mental and physical, is so very important to your family, to your job and to the students that you will influence.  Remember:

NOT because we expect you to major in music
NOT because we expect you to play or sing all your life
So you will be human
So you will recognize beauty
So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world
So you will have something to cling to
So you will have more compassion, more gentleness, more good -
In short, more life!

To me the words in bold express it all.  Stay in touch with me, I care.
David Law

A Legacy

The IMEA Foundation was established to provide lasting financial support and security for the Iowa Music Educators Association. Through contributions of members, the Foundation can support and enrich the programs of IMEA and be used as directed by the IMEA Board of Directors. To make your contribution contact Shirley Luebke.