Representatives from the Fine Arts Standards Adoption Team will be presenting our final recommendations before the State Board of Education on November 15, after which statewide standards for the fine arts will hopefully and presumably be adopted.  Our Fine Arts Standards Adoption Team has chosen to adopt the 2014 National Core Arts Standards (NCAS) as Iowa's Fine Arts Standards with minor changes made in the general music strand.  
The Fine Arts Standards Adoption Team felt that a crucial component of our work would be not merely to recommend standards, but to offer guidance around the standards. Members of our Fine Arts Standards Adoption Team, some of whom are IMEA members and officers, have provided input throughout the drafting of this document.  At this time, we would benefit from a broader array of perspectives, and would like to extend the invitation to IMEA membership to review and offer suggestions on our guidance document.  Please consider this document as draft form.  
We ask you not to distribute this beyond IMEA membership.  Once the State Board has approved Iowa's FIne Arts Standards, a final version of this document will be distributed widely across the state.  
If interested in our guidance document review, please read the document and send suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday, 9/29.